Philosophy and Approach

Transformation Life Coaching & Healing takes you to this powerful level of awareness and consciousness. Teaches you the power of visualization – dreaming and feeling what you want and knowing that it is yours to have. It can neutralize your emotional charges, balance your mental and physical reactions, open your heart, clear your mind, inspire you, motivate you and raise your consciousness.

You will learn to hear and trust your inner voice and find your soul purpose. If you are interested in personal development and life transformation this could be what you're looking for.

"Where appropriate and required, your Transformation Life Coach & Healer Nathan Schulman will clarify your soul's purpose and life path and help document your Personal hopes and dreams to create your own "Life Plan". Nathan will then continue to support and work with you as you learn to allow this plan to become a reality.

What is life coaching

Life Coaching is a supported journey, assisting you on your life path to achieving a sense of completeness, personal empowerment, internal peace and well-being. Your life may seem complex and confusing. Life Coaching will clear your concerns and fears, providing you with clarity and a sense of direction and purpose. Coaching will assist you in overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from feeling happy and free to live a loving, fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle.