A Life Coach

Co-Active life coaching is an on-going relationship between a coach and client, formed with the purpose of creating a sacred "space" in which the client can generate forward movement toward the life they truly want to be living. Life coaching is all about YOU and sees you as naturally creative, resourceful and whole at this very moment. While creating growth in one area of your life may be the impetus for change initially, ultimately co-active coaching embraces the entire individual and celebrates the whole of who you are and who you are becoming. This type of life coaching emphasizes transformational shifts and champions your inherent gifts and inner spirit.

Real, long-lasting change is a transformation within, an opening, a commitment to your dream, the seizing of opportunistic leaps and the deepening of your self love so you can embody the life you want. It is about learning to dance fluidly through your life, navigating the twists and turns with joy and curiosity, evolving beyond simply identifying and meeting goals. YOU are the star of your life. Life coaching will give you the tools to shine bright.

Benefits Include: