The Zone- In sports, the zone is when an athlete performs at a level that both inspires and awes. When mind, body and spirit are aligned to create optimal performance.Unfortunately, this phenomenon cannot be explained or duplicated at will. The zone happens in all walks of life, of course, but we just pass it off as a good day. Everything seems to go right,appointments show up on time, we close the big deal, no traffic on the way to work, and the world is as its supposed to be.

Why can't we have that feeling every day? why can't that athlete be in the zone at will? What's the secret to attaining that level of awareness where we can operate at that level of achievement effortlessly?

Well it is possible! At Get in the Zone Coaching , we have created a formula whereby that mind body spirit connection becomes the norm, where we move forward through life with ease and grace, where problems become opportunities for growth and change, and where the zone is attainable at will.

It's not rocket science! With expert life coaching, Acupuncture/massage therapies, visualization/ movement and conscious presence, anything is possible. In addition for athletes, we work to prevent sports injuries, maintain optimal physical health, create optimal performance and treat sports injuries in conjunction with experienced health professionals, to create a framework to get into the zone and perform at levels of excellence that will amaze you.

We have had great success with this integrative approach for 30 years and want to share our expertise and success with anyone ready to take it to the next level.

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Sincerely Nathan Schulman L.AC, certified professional life coach this goes under philosophy and approach for coaching.

Spiritual Life Coaching focuses on mind, body spirit connection and emphasizes the need for our spirits to be honored in the way we live our lives.

It's also about feeling connected to a higher power greater than ourselves and feeling connected to humankind as a whole as opposed to separation.

Having a belief in a higher power connects us with our source. Spiritual life coaching is based on the principle that there is a power far greater and more loving than we can comprehend, but which we can feel in our hearts if we allow ourselves to do so.

Developing and maintaining a strong spiritual connection can help take the weight off your shoulders and ease the feeling of having to do it all yourself. Spiritual life coaching can help you to learn to connect with the spiritual part of yourself and the universe on a regular basis.

Spiritual life coaching develops trust in yourself and your inner knowing, helps you learn to accept that you are valuable, not for what you do, or how you look, but because you are part of a greater whole.

Spiritual life coaching is about learning how to live the best life by embracing the hidden, yet most powerful aspects of your being.

Spiritual life coaching teaches you how to look within yourself for the infinite wisdom that you possess.

Spiritual life coaching is whole life coaching, coaching all the parts.

Namaste and Blessings Nathan