Hand Reflexology

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Hand reflexology is a diagnosis and treatment system where pressing of certain points on the hand will correspond to different parts of the body. Each finger is a different meridian line and there are many important points on the hand.hand reflexology

Acupressure face lift

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The face is also a map of the body that when certain points are pressed, they increase blood circulation,help remove wrinkles,relax the muscles and bring a brightness and energy to the face.acupressure face lift

foot reflexology chart

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Acupressure foot chart

Acupressure foot chart

8 essential standing exercises

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8 Essential Standing Exercises/8 essential standing exercises

The 8 essential standing exercises are designed to open the channels of qi energy and enhance energy. When done slowly with the breath they are relaxing to the body. When done in a more vigorous fashion they will energize the body. Please note the description under each exercise.