Transformational Life Coaching & Healing is a combination of techniques used to assist you in opening yourself up to your full potential and what you’re truly capable of achieving in all areas of your life. Through deep and meaningful communication, a series of questions are used to help you tap into your subconscious mind. This can transform the conscious mind into a state of clarity and certainty, creating feelings of gratitude that is instantly felt within the physical body making you feel stronger.


Transformational Life Coaching & Healing can also help to eliminate reoccurring patterns, the part of our human nature that keeps repeating the same patterns over and over again. The inner part of who we are, knows it has to break the cycle, however to do this one needs to learn the life lesson and breakthrough the same chemical and emotional triggers that cause the reactions that create the same or similar negative experiences. These are older patterns and belief systems that have created your life experiences. Understanding this can assist you in identifying the negative thoughts and emotions blocking your progress.

With regards to Deep Tissue Body Work,Acupuncture, and massage therapy, this can definitely help shift the heavy energy from the physical body, however it can return if the emotional cellular memory of the pattern or “Trigger” is still there, and has not been properly identified or dealt with. This method is only used when you are struggling to let things go on a physical level and only performed on request.

If you have blockages, or stress in any area of life to do with relationship conflicts, family challenges, work challenges, health concerns, trauma, sexual abuse, depression, family losses or general life challenges and feel you are ready to reach out for help you can contact Nathan to have a chat then decide whether you want to book an appointment.

When your reality is not reflecting your heart’s desires and dreams, it takes courage and faith to stay focused on what you truly want out of life. Learning the Universal Law of Attraction doesn’t mean your life is automatically going to be as you have asked. You must learn to Master the Principles of Magnetic Attraction and the Spiritual Laws associated with achieving this.